Since graduating I’ve had a number of side projects but this is one I’m having a lot of fun with.

I created an online t-shirt store building off my knowledge from my Interactive Design course and various other classes. I’m actively updating it with new designs so check back every once in a while.

Give it look, Abduc-Tees

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Process Journal

My senior thesis has been submitted to the senior showcase. In class we watched our peers films. While watching mine I kept an eye on my classmates reactions to my short animation. I was happy to see them react to the build up of the sugar hand off and when Donny gets hit by the cruiser the most.  There was also a reaction from the birds in the beginning which I was hoping for but not expecting. Overall I think my piece was successful from the reaction I got from the class. After class I revised my project and added some more sound effects in to build up the tension. I’ll be working on fixing up this animation for the next couple weeks whether or not those revisions will be able to make it into the showcase.

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Bad Donut Process Journal

I’ve continued my animation and worked out the opening sequence a bit more. I split up the shots between the town and the birds to give the viewer more time to absorb the environment and feel. Maxwell’s pupils will be added in post production and the next couple sequences are roughed out. The next steps are continued animation and rendering when I get some shots finished.

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Bad Donut Process Journal

I’ve started animating then playblasting scenes and putting them together. This week I have the first two shots which are close to being ready to render minus the lip sync on the birds and some other secondary animation. The next scenes are Donny walking up to the crosswalk and meeting Maxwell. Those are still choppy and will be in the next process journal.

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Bad Donut Process Journal


Bad Donut is finally in the animation stages. The past month I’ve mostly been working on finalizing all my rigging. This first shot here is of basically everything that moves in the piece minus the newspaper that will be covering the sugar and the telephone wires. All of my rigs have plenty of mobility for the animation I’m looking to achieve. I made sure to add a global move/ scale control and basic facial rigs.  This process took much longer than I anticipated because I was unable to get an auto rigger to fit my characters shapes. I’m happy with the way my rigs turned out because I also have squash and stretch controls and I’m positive my rigs will be able to hold up. I also cleaned up my outliner so it’s extremely easy to navigate to what I want in the scene.BDRigs

I’ve begun the animation process. These next two shots are of the scenes I’ve started so far. This first one is the birds on a wire scene which is almost finished. The second is a walk cycle for Donny then having him push a button. It’s exciting jumping into the animation process but I wish I had more time for it. Next week I’ll be looking to get some playblasts up here and I’ll begin refining the motion.BDAnim01 BDAnim02

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Artist Write Up

This assignment was to create an artist write up in the third person for a colleague to give them another perspective on their work. I worked with Audrey Jordan, below are some designs she created for her senior thesis.

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Audrey Jordan is a talented creature designer with a focus on mythological beasts. She uses her mixed media skills to tap into our innate childhood fears and push our ideas of what lies beyond.  Audrey uses powerful imagery to tell stories that give hope in a dark lonely world.

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Artist Statement (Third draft)

These are some possible bios I’ve come up with for my digital portfolio.

I create media. I challenge myself to keep my skills top notch and use them as efficiently as possible. I’m always analyzing problems from multiple perspectives. Bringing the inanimate to life is my passion. Storytelling is something that humans have done since the dawn of time, I feel connected to it. I believe art inspires action and I drive myself to build my beliefs into my work. Communicating ideas through visual mediums is powerful. It gives me the passion to stretch the boundaries of what it means to be a storyteller in a digital age.

I create art. I aim to improve my skills constantly. I’m always analyzing problems from new perspectives. Storytelling is my passion and I find joy in bringing the inanimate to life.

Art inspires action. My work is crafted from my beliefs. I find joy in bringing the inanimate to life. Storytelling is my passion.

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